~ Losing you...

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Losing you, I felt as if I had lost my best friend. 
I didn't realize I had been lonely for too long, 
Have you ever miss someone so much, you'd hold your phone close to your heart when you see them ONLINE cos its feels as if that is the only way you can feel close to them?
Have you ever smile to yourself when you see them ONLINE cos it feels as if you are smiling to them? 

There were so many times as I was walking back, and I felt that I had to discuss something with you. I typed " free to chat" or "what do you think of....." 
but than I realized, I cannot do that.....

Are you like that? Do you do that as well? I wonder. 

I never knew I was in need of a friend anyway. 
I guess I had been lonely, too engrossed with the children, that I didn't know the heart needed a friend. 

~ finding my way back again.....


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