~ I dreamt...

I dreamt you found someone...
To fill that lonely heart...
I've been waiting for the day, to hear you found love again. 
For the first time, I didn't know what to expect of myself. 
My heart cried. 

Did I shed a tear? yes, there were still some left behind. 
A part of you never left my heart. 
A part of you, I let stay.
I could not let go, till today. 
The silence still come back now and then. I'd close my eyes shut, feeling the pain.

I wonder if you'd ever see me in her eyes, or that she could love you just as much. 
I thought...if I ever see you, would you smile at me?
I would hold the tears and stare in space maybe. 
Would you remember who I was to you?
Always your friend. 

I hope you would talk to me, maybe say Hi. 
but I would turn away, too broken to even say Hey....
It hurts, knowing there is someone new, but to see you smile
is something I had prayed for.

I hope, she can give you all the things I didn't. 
I hope, you will love her in the ways with me you couldn't. 
And I hope, I will still hold a spot in your heart. 
A tiny place, where if she asked you about me, you would say,  I will always be special and in your memory.