I hope she makes you smile.
I hope when the sun go down, you will see the stars in her eyes.
I hope she let you run to her on days when you are not yourself.
I hope she knows your heart, and how beautiful you are.
I hope, her concern surpasses mine...

I love making people smile.
I wished I could continue to make you smile.
It's the little thing that we treasure.
Its the little jokes we had.
Its how your eyes met mine.
forgotten that you ever left, sometimes I hear you in the crowd.
The voice is fading....

Echoes of silence, brings back the memories.
That is why, my beads come in handy.
I used to measure Love in time. With you, I measure Love through my transformation.

I see the woman I used to be, in old photographs.
Most times, Id wished she'd come back.
Its takes time, she will return eventually.
I hope our path meets soon again, I hope she remembers me and forgives me for abandoning her.
I pray I find the strength to be happy again....
Id pray, he'd be who he was again....

I asked ALLAH to heal the broken hearts,
because it is in these hearts that seek ALLAH the most.
It is in these hearts, that needs ALLAH the most.

I can't lie, when I am typing this, I shed a few tears.
Sometimes, I don't realise it, when I write for someone else, at times, the story is mine.