Memoirs of the Good Wife...~ The Pain

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Do you know the pain your heart feels when your husband tells you he loves another woman besides you?

And when he feels angry when you speak bad about the other woman? And he kept protecting her.

When his face changes to displeasure and he kept silent when you cannot accept her as your ‘Madu’

Do you know how disappointed you will feel to know, you are no longer exclusive in his heart. That he has another woman in his heart? That he said he loves you more, but he still loves her. That he wanted you to put away the rivalry and think of sisterhood.

Do you know the sadness you feel when he said She was his first love when you know, you are the first woman to surrender your heart, body and soul to him….?

Do you know how guilty this will make you feel when you know, it is allowed in Islam but you are not accepting it because you know this will destroy you emotionally and mentally?

The pain is such, a knife has cut the heart and it is left bleeding and you constantly control the tears from falling down your cheeks and bite your lips and force yourself to be strong 
cos you know, this world is only temporary.