Memoirs of the Good Wife ~ Wanita Melayu Terakhir

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Yesterday, I bought all of us dinner and we ate together.
It feels good to have you around during dinner time. 
Can you tell, I was appreciating the moment?

My kakaks at work calls me ‘Wanita Melayu Terakhir’
They would never entertain their husband’s thoughts on having a 2nd wife.
And they certainly won’t be crying over it. They will make a firm stand that if it comes to that, than they will rather let the marriage go as they are happy with their own life and children.
Why can’t I be like that?

I have always dreamt to grow old with you.
Us, travelling, loving each other.

I feel a little messed up.
When you don’t text me, or reply my text, I wonder if you are thinking of her.
When you scold me, I feel extra sad, cos maybe you don’t love me anymore.
At times, I do feel the distant. At times, you are so close to me.

Can I wake up and realized this was all a nightmare?

And move forward, like old times again?