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Fish - Head Curry

A few days back, the 3-golden-girls (as we called ourselves)  drove to Race Course Road after Magrib Prayers to supposedly embark on a gastronomical adventure, with Fish Head Curry. 

We had fun, just us, finding our way there, to satisfy the craving. 

For the first time this Ramadhan, I took a break from the kids, (for a while) to join my mum and sis for a night out. It felt weird though as I still missed the kids. It was impromptu which I decided to do after a stressful   challenging day at work. After All, I missed mum and sis and our in depth discussion on things. 

It was so like mum to think of me whenever she ate something delicious. And so after her meal out with her would be future relatives (sis's boyfriend's family) at Sakunthala Restaurant, she decided that she had to do another round of Fish Head curry with me. Awww so sweet. Sis proposed the idea, and On it was. How easy. Alhamdullilah.

My take on Sakunthala? 

Savoury dishes, worth the money, nice ambience, fast service…