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~ Just Treasuring each other

The weekend passed by too quickly these days... I love the ones where we get to spend time together doing fulfilled activities I love my family and treasure every moment with them.... The kids grow up too fast actually.
This weekend, Adik and Abah joined Ummi on a long 10km hike along the southern ridges. Even though it wasn't an easy trail, you guys did not complain and accompanied my whims and fancies. 
I also got to bring Abang to a big meal for dinner at Swensons Changi Airport since he gave the trail a missed. Its important I get to spend time with both my kids, equally....
Nothing else matters if the kids are happy in a good way. I also told Dear Hubby how much I treasure him spending time with me. 

I love you guys with all my heart.  Healing is a process Letting go of the EGO. Forgiveness... and Just loving....
At the end of the day, its being with who treasure you the most. 

~ Healed


~ SA2 Exam fever

Today the kids will be sitting for the English Paper SA2 Their studying patterns have changed.  They seems to think that if they have it in them, they can do point spending hours studying... I wonder if this method works... After all, every kid is different.... I was never the kind of mother than pushes her kids really hard.
For Abang, I am happy if he passes....I sense Abang is a late-bloomer, just like me.
For Adik, I expect a little more. But I won't push her to be in Band A or a 70 percent and above student...If she does way beyond my expectations, Alhamdullilah, I am thankful.
I want them to enjoy learning and push themselves using their own will. 
I will forever be there to support them in their learning journey if they need me....
Recently, the news of the 11 year old boy who jumped down his flat because his exams results was not to his mother's expectation was indeed tragic. He died. He was only in primary school and had a bright future ahead of him.  I wonder what he mus…

~ Exam Season

Its exam season and I have 2 weeks to prepare the kids well. Judging from how they have been doing, I can see my children are average children but with creative minds.
Abang has good memory actually, because he can remember many things that I can’t myself, but he seems to always do badly for Maths. This time round, I hope he at least hit a 45/100 and it would be an achievement. Tuition has only little effects. Many times Abang told me to stop his tuition because I am only wasting money on the tuition fees. I guess Hubby is right. Abang will only start learning and passing when his heart wants too. No point forcing. Of course, as his Ummi, I cannot NOT force him.
Every Exam season, Ummi gets stressed. Lumrah Kehidupan kan.
Abang takes Higher Malay. I hope he does well for his Malay exams. He seems to have a thing for Peribahasa and is able to do Kefahaman well.
As for Adik, I am starting to be concern. For a student who can do Maths, she seems to slacken this term. Her priority is her I…