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Assalamu'alaikum Cinta....

Assalamu'alaikum Cinta
Wa'alaikumSalam Rindu
That's how the pair of lovers, Saidatul Nafeesah and Hamkah used to  greet each other. 
I was smitten by the title, 7 PETALA CINTA. 

I requested that the hubby buy the DVD for me and he did.

However, although I was impressed by the settings of the persentrian and the qashidah's they sang, the love story was totally unbelievable and selfish.

1. The lead heroine knew at the last moment that her best friend was in love with her the man whom she was supposed to marry, and still she went ahead with the marriage
2. The Fiance that was thought to be dead came back the last minute before his fiancee was about to niqah with another man, and he still allowed it to happen and walk away, supposedly to sacrifice his deep love for her. 
This might not happen in real like so I felt the story was very unrealistic......

................and the actress who played Helma looked so much like Nora Danish that I thought it was really Nora Danish un…

Abang's Anger...

The heart is very worried for Abang.....
Abang has too much anger in him......

Im wondering if there are any anger management sessions for kids....
Can Abang grow out of this phase or will this anger be worse as he grows.

And why am I and hubby the only one who believes in him.....
Abang..... how can Ummi help you change?
Caning and Beating cant be the only way right...and Ummi has talked too many times to you.....

I am willing to try other things even sending Abang to Anger Management if there is any...

: (

~ Reflections....

I attended a Burdah session last sat evening at a friend's place..Masya'allah...the crowd was a small, comfortable one, and I still feel calm and so happy..It felt as if I was sitting in the gardens of paradise....

It has not been a stress-free week though... I have to remain resilient and optimistic.
I am a mother, I am a wife and a daughter. My plate is somehow full for own hands to carry but I can do this.

As I stared at my listed priorities on my notepad on my smart phone, I realised, life here in this world is not easy and everyone has responsibilities.
For me, it's first as a slave to God (he he, I would think so), a wife to my husband, a mother to my 2 small kids, a daughter to my aged mother, a good example to the people around me, a friend to my dear ones and list the goes on and on....

Adik had high fever for the last few nights and Abang was again reprimanded for not behaving in school. I don't deny, Abang has issues...anger management and at…

2,3, OR 4?

Can a man really love 2 or 3 or 4 woman equally? Can a man really treat 2 or 3 or 4 woman equally?

Logically, Yes. Y? Because Allah Al Khaliq commands so in the Quran. ThaT a man can have 2 or 3 or 4 wives if he can treat them equally.

but Allah Al Khaliq also commands But if you can't be fair, than 1 is enough.

Personally, I find that my husband is a fair man. And if he ever takes another wife, I am very certain, he will try his best to be fair.
But how easy is it to be fair? Days of the week - 1,3,5? 2,4,6? Than what about 7?

On his birthday, who will he spend it with?

On Hari Raya or public holidays, who will he spend it with?

On lonely rainy thundery nights, which wife will he be cosy with?

If he is invited by his family for a function, who will he go with? Which wife gets priority? Should the 3 of them go together? What if the first wife holds his hands, how will the second wive feel? Or vise versa....

Must a schedule be drawn to who gets him during those important days?

If t…


The urged to blog was blocked for the last few days as I wasnt sure of my feelings. 
Was I being too dramatic, or was my feelings for real? What is her agenda, and What does he really wants?  Why are they doing this to me? Or am I just assuming. 
Can I feel jealous or can I be possesive. Or must I be classy and chuck aside such "lonely housewives" feelings?
All I know is I am hurt, and it may take awhile to heal the heart back.
I looked at the kids faces, I thought of my future, and I know certainly I dont want to part with my hubby unless death parts us.... We crossed our 7th year together....Alhamdullilah....He is the best husband for me.
and I am praying hard that Allah will protect our marriage. 

Thinking out of the box

The morning cuppa black coffee woke me up from the sleepy condition. Black with little sugar is how I like it when I needed a strong wake-me-up remedy.
It didn’t help that the morning started off with Masy'allah, beautiful sounds of the heavy downpour.
This morning was dragging. I was in a lethargic stupor, due to lack of sleep. The foolish decision to drink coke last night (thanks to dear hubby who bought it from the supermarket) awakened my brains and I wasn’t able to fall asleep till about 2am. Hur hur hur so much for -no soft drink- diet! Foolish indeed.
It’s after lunch hour now and the caffeine effect might have left the system, leaving me feeling down and silent. Suddenly I feel sad that there are some people out there who are unhappy when others are happy.
I read this, last weekend, "how can u be happy when all the others are unhappy?"

It saddens me that people can be thinking this shallow and not think out of the box. This is a reminder to me too ok.
I feel, Happin…