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Lombok in December 2014

For December Holidays this year, we visited Lombok, Indonesia. Lombok is an island opposite Bali. Some call it the unspoilt Bali. This was our 2nd visit to Lombok, this year. We went in June 2014 too. December is not a good time to visit Lombok because December is a rainy month. When we were there, it rained heavily 2 out of the 6th nights. The weather was cold and chilly. I'm glad we did have sunshine on some of the days, for us to swim in the pool of Qunci Villas as well as Dive in the waters of Gili Trawangan Islands. A first for this trip was I tried Scuba Diving. After a failed attempt at the PhiPhi Islands last year in Thailand, I did my 2nd try of Discovery Scuba with DSM Dive. I am glad, I made it this time, to dive underwater. Since hubby is such an avid diver, I didn't want to disappoint him this time. However, only God knows how scared I was.... I will never forget how I felt when the boat left me. Hubby and the kids were on the boat.... and how pak Tohree from DSM Dive…