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days of Jan 2013

It’s probably whimsical to say that 2013 might be a pressurising year for me as January has just passed and the future might be too infinite to predict with vast possibilities is every second.

January hasn’t been lenient but I am thankful. I don’t expect life to be a bed of roses, but I am afraid of challenges. When it comes, I must learn to tackle it in a composed manner.

Work has been assiduous. I was preparing for a migration. It took some effort albeit being a small project. As I am typing this diary, I am glad that the migration went well despite some hiccups on the migration night.

Home was more of a concern. No more night TVs for me and the kids as nights are mostly for homework and revision except Fridays.

Weekends are spent on classes, sports and spelling. The education is Singapore is so competitive, I cant help pushing Abang as he is lagging behind in reading and writing. He, being so used to the helper now have to face independence in front of his face, while being in scho…