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~ May 2017.... The feelings I feel

I felt so empty today, maybe cos it’s been 3 days of heavy bleeding….. The soul felt lost. As if there is no life, like a zombie just making her way to work, on a gloomy Monday Morning….. My heart belongs at home with my kids… after spending a good weekend with them…My lips smile, thinking of the last weekend…. Drove around with the kids and Mum…I feel proud of myself, able to take up my hubby’s role which is to run the errands and able to drive further than my comfort zone. We went to my cousin’s place in Bedok and then I drove mum and Rania back to Figaro.
The past few months have been a big test for me… with mum’s sickness and Abang’s behavior issues. I must say, I don’t really know how I managed to go through all this if it is not for Allah’s help. Many times, I felt as if I was going crazy. Juggling everything from a daughter, to a mother to a wife. Not to mention his in senseless idea to get a second wife.
Am I selfish to not agree?
Anyway, Mum is well now, Alhamdullilah….her spine i…