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Year End 2013

Its been awhile.

I received raved reviews for my Nov 2012 Migration Project. The company gave a shoutout on my good work and my management cheered me on with a card with all the well wishes written on it by my managers.

Alhamdullilah, it wasn't an easy road to achieve it and I had alot of hard knocks before the actual Migration. Hard work pays off especially in my company.

So many thoughts, so little time.

So many events, most of them rushing.

We all fell sick during the Christmas week. Coincidentally, I was on leave, so Alhamdullilah for the timing. But full fledge Flu IS really painful and next year, I will take the flu jab as advised by my doctor...
The flu hurt my bones, and at one point, I had to sit and pray because I was just too weak. Its what you call Demam Urat in Malay.
Kids and hubby had it bad too. This episode reminds me to do good deed when I am healthy and not wait till I am old and dying. Flu alone made me weak and unable to do much except curling up in bed bearing t…