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The Journey ~ The one with the flying plastic chair

Whoever said Parenting is painless, smooth and enjoyable must have be totally lying.... This week, I cried and vocalize something that I never thought I would say.... I questioned the reason for having offspring who not only give me stress but also many... many days of agony..... It been a while since I lost it....
Today, Abang not only kept his tuition and Madrasah homework till the very last minute, he also did not put in any effort upon doing them.He seemed to be in a relax mode, often talking about sleepovers at my mum and watching Tanglin, the drama when school work has not been revised at all.... How can I just be calm and relaxed?
I chased after Abang and angrily threw a chair at the bathroom door as he ran to hide in the bathroom....I must have been outta my mind!!....but I knew, that I threw it without any force.... The chair hit the bathroom door, enough to scare him much, and telling him at the same time, Ummi has hit the roof! He cried and became stressed as well......
I feel awful…

~ January

Image my birth month....
and it is also in this month that I feel so much love and blessings....
I love this month.....
Mum got me expensive purple lace,
SIL got me me Channel, 
Hubby got me a Samsung Note 5, and treated me and the kids to expensive Lebanese food, 
There were 2 birthday cakes, from friends and colleagues, 
Crabtree and Evelyn from cuzzin T, and lots of love an doas from many friends and family.....
I feel blessed, Alhamdullilah....
But all I ever wish is for everyone to feel happy, peaceful and calm....
I was however dissapointed in his message..... that only show how stupid girls can be ..believing every word a man says and falling fast into emotions....

the following days after my birthday has been fast and furious,
Work is stressful and challenging, new colleagues from HQ has moved in, I have many more Muslim colleagues, many of whom Ive know for years, they bring much love, and the Malay gang is even more united I would say....

The kids...Oh the kids..…

~ Start of a new School Year - 2016

Only Allah knows, how my heart is screaming.... This Ummi don't want the holiday to end at all.... I am almost in tears now. 
After all, I have been taking care of the kids, going on trips and walks, spending time with my precious duo.  Bibik is back from her hols as well.  And now, all leisure has to end, while we go into study and focus mode,  Home works at night, tuition's and sorts. 
UMMI will definitely have separation anxiety with you both. 
School Bags all pack, books labeled and wrapped, school shoes all ready, and Uniform all iron....
May ALLAH ease our journey, my children. Ameen. 
Ok Here we goooooo!!! 

The Journey ~ Pesanan Buat Abang.

Kenapa ye Abang, 
Tatkala semua orang di dunia ini tak fahamkan abang, 
Tatkala semua orang di dunia ini ketawakan abang, 
Hanya Ummi yang faham perasaan Abang 
Hanya Ummi yang faham tingkah laku mu yang sangat berbeza dari kanak-kanak seusia dengan mu.

Kenapa ye Abang,
Orang yang kita mengharapakan faham akan nya dirimu, 
Orang yang sepatutnya memberimu dorongan demi dorongan, 
seringkali, memberi mu kemarahannya, dan 
sering kali, dia putus asa, tanpa mencuba.....

Kenapa ye Abang 
Dunia ini penuh dengan jakaan (expectations), 
Jakaan yang tinggi untuk kanak kanak juga, 
Tidak boleh silap dan senentiasa harus sempurna,

Jangan takut anakku, 
Ummi akan selalu berada disisimu, 
Selagi masih bernyawa, akan ku selalu mendorongmu
Buat lah yang terbaik demi masa depan mu

Kalau suatu hari, Ummi sudah tiada, 
maka letaklah segala harapanmu kepada yang Esa (ALLAH)
Janganlah engkau meletakan sandaranmu pada manusia, 
Kerana manusia, sering kalinya akan mengampakan kita.....

Teruslah mencuba anakku,
Beranikan dirimu u…