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Look at the better side...

One good point I learnt in the counseling sessions that I went was to COMPARTMENTALIZE.
I have to learn to COMPARTMENTALIZE a problem or someone’s character.
Eg: He made a very big mistake to the family. But He did do his job as a grandfather.
Meaning, I have to learn to forgive and to move on with my life without harping on one issue and to look at the good side of things. It is to put things into compartments.
I am having another small doa selamat at my place this Saturday. Insya'AllahThis time, I really want to read Ratib together with my relatives, instead of Surah Yasin which has already been read two weeks ago.
Mum wants me to invite someone whom was not too happy when I purchased the new home. For mum's sake, I have invited them and they have indicated that they will come....Alhamdullilah, I'm worried but I have to be positive. I have to learn to clean my heart and to have a clean heart, I have to compartmentalize, next thing is to not have negative thoughts.

Rejab 2012

Rejab has arrived… It’s the start of 3 Holy month…… For the pas few years, I have felt that comes Rejab, the days are  a journey for me to reach Ramadhan and to end Ramadhan in a good way. Yet sometimes, the kids hinder my journey and I don’t mind at all cos I realized it’s the effort that counts and not the end result.
So, with a happy heart, I have started to stop doing things that take my mind of GOD. Such as : -I am trying to refrain myself from listening to the rock songs on my MP3… (they can be such a stress reliever after a hard day’s work) -Watch lesser TV at night and read some Quranic verses instead (have to forgo the Malay dramas that I love to watch especially now that I have TV3 and TV9)
-        -   Eating less and Qadhak my fast when my body feels well.
Ramadhan month is something that I look forward to. Not the fasting but the blessings.. hehe … the fasting brings lots of craving but I know it’s a good thing, to clear the build up toxins in the body like once a year…. Th…


Feeling tired...... and my whole body is aching..... really need a good massage I guess..... and my mind is thinking of another beach holiday.....maybe Port Dickson in June...?


I stared at my old pink funnybear desktop mirror. 

An image of me appeared, middle age, smiling cutely. The stare wont go away as I looked into my old reflection. I remember a cute and sweet little girl who had shoulder length hair with bangs. This little girl used to be so pure and innocent, loves to day dream and have lots of love to give out to the world. This little girl used to dream of marrying a rich man (a DR) actually, and have 3 lovely kids living in a landed home. This little girl did not know a strong marriage could break up, she didn’t know a father could leave his children, and she didn’t know children can cheat their moms of her savings. She didnt know the world had too many real life horrors. She didn’t know many things as the world seems ideal and protected.
As she grew up, she experienced some bitter memories. Suddenly she could not understand the hurt and how evil the people she love could treat her or others. She turned to GOD when she felt lonely and hurt. She …

Tioman Memories...

My body and mind have been Recharged, but today, the heart is suffering from
separation anxiety from the kids after a week of leave from work and spending time with them.

It has been fun feeding them, bathing them, washing after them once again.

We went for our annual holiday last week when the kids and me  tagged along with the hubster who went to Tioman island for his PADI "open water" scuba dive course.
Berjaya Air took us there from Singapore's Budget Terminal all the way to Tioman Airport on a 40 mins flight.
We were there for 6 days enjoying the beach, kampung settings, water sports, marine life and freshly cooked seafood! I love these sunset holidays!

I am so in love with the island, The sunsets are beautiful. The sound of the waves still ring in my ears.

I would love to pack my luggage all over again just to swim with the lovely friendly fishes if I could. Unlike Redang, we could roam the small kampung towns in Tioman and not confined only to the resort surroun…