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Drawing for Him...

We had the biggest fight of the year....I think its been so long that I didn't blare out like that. I totally was disappointed and upset with him. Still upset, yet I don't want to drag this. Its hurts. yet I think of the kids..... Life goes on, this will only make our relationship stronger Adik and Me drew something for him. He is a scuba diver you see. We paste the drawings right next to where he sleeps. Tonight when He gets home, I know this will make him smile and love us a million times more...

Cool November Rain

Its been such a busy Month ....unexpectedly I was assigned a project, Adhoc.

The cooling November rain didn't making it easy.

As I type this, I am down with a bad runny nose, sitting in an office far far away from the east, supporting my customers on a new system which have loads of bugs.

It hasn't been easy these few days. I go out really early and I reach home late. The new helper situation has been tiring as well. 

My body ached badly and I impulsively booked a "2day1night Batam package" sans the hubby and kids for a alone retreat to a spa. I don't know why I did that and I dont know how I will be able to leave my clingy Adik for the weekend gateway but I will have too if God Permit as I have paid for the tickets.

I have been working here in Jurong, almost for 10 days now. The days are not easy, there are some difficult questions and they do shout and blare at my ears cos of the change that they have to go through. I cried and I in turn tell hubby all my problem…