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Ramadhan 2013


Krabi (Thailand) 2013

I think the pictures describe it all.
Reasonly, we visited Krabi for our June holidays annual trip... It was our first visit to Krabi and we were all so thrilled when the day came for us to fly on Thai Airways...

It was the kids first real plane ride too and before the trip we have been watching lots of YouTUBE videos of Krabi.

My take on Krabi:

I love Krabi to the millions and Insya'Allah me and my dear family will visit this island again.

We are Island fanatics. Partly because dear Hubby is a certified diver. He scuba dives.
During the Krabi trip, I realised my kids loves the sea water. The way Abang and Adik play at the beach and sea even when the waves were high was really wonderful. Kids!

This trip is memorable in a way that we didnt do our research, and went during the Monsoon season!!
So the waters were choppy with High waves of more than 3 metres! and it was really dangerous going on speed boat rides on the Andaman Sea.

Word of advise: DO NOT VISIT KRABI IN the month of  JUNE/…