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The Journey - Abang's Appetite

Abang has been getting fatter. This is my main concern now. His appetite is just too big.
Looking back at his old photos, he has grown double his size since Primary One.
I am getting worried.

Just spend a 7 days vacation with the kids in Lombok, Indonesia. Needless to say, Abang ate alot, even more than mine and hubby’s portion. While we adults can’t finish a plate of rice, Abang is eating his plate as well as taking my left over rice portion.

His behaviour is a wave of good and bad. He can be a good boy understanding instructions and behaving better than Adik at one point, but on another point, he can be out of control with his screams and weird behaviours.

I have started going for behavioural therapy with him at the Child Guidance Clinic. Suhana is our Psychotherapist. Glad I met her.She is a sweet Indian Muslim lady, and she shared me some tips to assist in Abang’s behaviour. I am trying out the Privilege and Consequence method now.

Abang has been learning swimming. His s…