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The Journey ~ 8 Years Old...

I used to tell myself, “I feel so alone...I feel Alone in this journey”....which is so wrong, because, as a Muslim, I must know that GOD is always with me.
I guess, I always felt that way because the person I depend to be on this Journey with me does not want to be in it. He don’t believe in ADHD. And every time he mentions ADHD, he is just making a joke out it.
I am so done! I need to be strong. I have come to accept what I have been given.
So what if no one else is in This Journey with me and Abang.I need to be with him. I CANNOT GIVE UP. I am his MOTHER. My son is SPECIAL. He will succeed one day.
Abang has been diagnosed with seventy percentile ADHD. As much as I do not agree with this diagnosis, I might have to. It’s the only way we as a family can move forward.
From my observation not many people understand and sympathise with ADHD kids. Ive done a some research; ADHD is a brain deficiency. There are some functions that are lacking which caused the kid to be impulsive in their de…