The Journey ~ 8 Years Old...

 I used to tell myself, “I feel so alone...I feel Alone in this journey”....which is so wrong, because, as a Muslim, I must know that GOD is always with me.

I guess, I always felt that way because the person I depend to be on this Journey with me does not want to be in it. He don’t believe in ADHD. And every time he mentions ADHD, he is just making a joke out it.

I am so done! I need to be strong.  I have come to accept what I have been given.

So what if no one else is in This Journey with me and Abang.  I need to be with him. I CANNOT GIVE UP.  I am his MOTHER. My son is SPECIAL. He will succeed one day.

Abang has been diagnosed with seventy percentile ADHD. As much as I do not agree with this diagnosis, I might have to. It’s the only way we as a family can move forward.

From my observation not many people understand and sympathise with ADHD kids. Ive done a some research; ADHD is a brain deficiency. There are some functions that are lacking which caused the kid to be impulsive in their decisions.

 The kid looks normal. He is smart in some ways. But he might be impulsive due to ADHD. And since people cannot see this handicap, they think, the kids is normal but just SPOILT and ILL BRED.  Trust me, I’ve got my fare shares of stares and accusations. Abang looks normal but his behaviour can sometimes be abnormal.

Its probably be too cheesy to say It’s not easy being a mummy to a special needs boy.  Of course its not easy.  I am tested almost everyday very often with Abang’s misbehaviour.  I am often embarrassed in public. My words and advice to him sometimes falls on deaf ears. Many a times, I am too angry upset, I cry. I am learning to control my anger.

I am not perfect. I fail many times. I pick up myself, and I fail again. Sometimes I get a bonus when Abang behaves exceptionally well.

Life is such.


Gazal said…
I found these helpful..

Ummi Sha said…
Thank you my dear.