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Bandung Trip ~ 9th Anniversary

Last week, for the first time in our parenting life, we left our 2 small kids in the care of our helper and moms, to go on a romantic "Hill-Top Resort" 4 days vacation.
Some Parents may have done this regularly; some may never want to do it. For us, it was a 50/50 thing.
I needed a break, but was sad to leave the kids. My hubby on the other hand, wanted to spend some exclusive time with me and was certain, time away from the kids would do all of us good.
Well, we set off after speaking to the helper who was all the more willing to let us have our alone time. 
Surprisingly, Adik did not cry. She only asked me cheekily if she could tag along and I explained to her again that Ummi and Abah are on a Honeymoon so NO kids allowed.
The city of Bandung
This city in West of Java strikes me off as Singapore 30 years back.It looked alot like the streets of Malaysia too.
Airport check out was a breeze and we met our driver.
We got this driver contact through a friend from Sukabumi who loan…

Mix Feelings...

God Willing, I will be travelling away from my kids It’s something that Hubz and I had planned since last year, For a romantic anniversary getaway, Sans the kids.... The time has finally come, for this romantic getaway Truth be told, I am a little nervous. I know I shouldn’t be as my parents and in-laws will assist to look after them kids However, I’m concern over Adik as she is one little girl who is too attach to me. I hope, she will be strong and her mind will not be preoccupied with missing me. If this getaway is a success, I guess Insha’Allah, Hubby and me will be more daring in planning future getaways, maybe further or longer. For now, we are going somewhere nearby and for a few days only. On Hindsight, I am looking forward to resting, swimming, 'spa-ing', eating and of course, reigniting the romance with Hubz. If we do things, for the sake of Allah, the results will be blessed. I love my kids...but I love my Hubby too and I want to have a blissful marriage. I thank God for …