Mix Feelings...

God Willing, I will be travelling away from my kids
It’s something that Hubz and I had planned since last year,
For a romantic anniversary getaway,
Sans the kids....
The time has finally come, for this romantic getaway
Truth be told, I am a little nervous.
I know I shouldn’t be as my parents and in-laws will assist to look after them kids
However, I’m concern over Adik as she is one little girl who is too attach to me.
I hope, she will be strong and her mind will not be preoccupied with missing me.
If this getaway is a success, I guess Insha’Allah, Hubby and me will be more daring in planning future getaways, maybe further or longer.
For now, we are going somewhere nearby and for a few days only.
On Hindsight, I am looking forward to resting, swimming, 'spa-ing', eating and of course, reigniting the romance with Hubz.
If we do things, for the sake of Allah, the results will be blessed. I love my kids...but I love my Hubby too and I want to have a blissful marriage.
I thank God for the blessing thus far. May everything goes smooth and May all of us stay happy.