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The Journey...Childhood

Childhood is a very beautiful and fun part of Life and I should not rob Abang of his childhood....JUST to ensure that he grows up Normally. Am I making sense at all? Often I tell him to be quiet when he is squealing. I tell him to keep still when he is dancing and I tell him to Stop It when he imagines monsters and ghost..... and I expect Abang to have a happy childhood? I dont want Abang to hate his childhood and all that he remembers is to get beaten by his Mad and uncontrollable Ummi. I realise that I will let Abang be who he is. I will guide him, and love him and entertain his unbelievable stories....who knows he might be a successful Author one day? Some positive feedback from Abang teachers this week. Great Keep it up son. You did well for spelling...and remember your Teacher gave you a lollipop because you got full marks for Spelling and she told you not to tell your classmates but you showed everyone in class? ...hahah...  Ummi will constantly back you long as you are on …

The Journey...Pain

19 Jan 2014

I am stressed...Its the weekend but we have loads of homework to do...

Imagine his teacher gave him 35 pages of maths to finish in 2 days.....I have to guide him because he didn't do it in class....I really don't think this is fair to me and taxing on Abang.....

Abang is beside me now...doing Subtractions numbers 0-100

I have guided him many many times on the concept of borrowing and carry over.

He just gives me a blank look and refuse to use his brains.

I have tried beating, I have screamed until my blood pressure shot up.

I have tried being nice, being formal ...being firm

I have gone from sane to insane to sane to insane..I laughed...laughed like a mad woman. Because I have guided him again and again and yet......

........still he expects me to guide him number by number....

The Journey.....Special Mums.

Everyone keeps telling me... 'Special Kids get Special mums....' 'Strong Mummies get Special Kids.....' 'Allah loves you so He is testing you....' 'This is only make you strong and more humble......' 'Abang will be a great person one day....Be patient...' All I can say is:         " you I put my trust into...To you I return my problems too... "

The Journey ... 2014

Its a start of a New school year, New set of teachers, New calls and complaints I weep to you Ya Allah.