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The Journey... Stressed Moms

I read with a heavy heart of the news of the mum who threw her 7 year old Austistic kid out of the 9th storey window in Tampines last week.

I was affected by the news for a few days.

Her special son died from the fall, and she has been arrested and charged with Murder.

Poor lady. Who are we to judged her?
No one can understand how a mother can kill her own special needs son and the netizens have began to condemn this lady ..labelling her HEARTLESS.

Somehow, in all this, I can relate to her stress and depression. She must be Deep Deep in depression. With the lack of support from people around her, she must have snapped.

I am not saying what she has done is right, but I do hope the courts listen to her case and give her leniency as well as treatment.

It is a wake up call to people in her shoes.
Get Help. Speak OUT
Write in a Diary or a Blog.
Embrace life as it is.

Depression can be serious. I have been in depression. If not for my faith in Islam, and support from friends, family and my son…