Krabi (Thailand) 2013

I think the pictures describe it all.

Reasonly, we visited Krabi for our June holidays annual trip... It was our first visit to Krabi and we were all so thrilled when the day came for us to fly on Thai Airways...

It was the kids first real plane ride too and before the trip we have been watching lots of YouTUBE videos of Krabi.

My take on Krabi:

I love Krabi to the millions and Insya'Allah me and my dear family will visit this island again.

We are Island fanatics. Partly because dear Hubby is a certified diver. He scuba dives.
During the Krabi trip, I realised my kids loves the sea water. The way Abang and Adik play at the beach and sea even when the waves were high was really wonderful. Kids!

This trip is memorable in a way that we didnt do our research, and went during the Monsoon season!!
So the waters were choppy with High waves of more than 3 metres! and it was really dangerous going on speed boat rides on the Andaman Sea.

Word of advise: DO NOT VISIT KRABI IN the month of  JUNE/JULY. ITS BEST TO GO FROM the month of NOV-FEB.

Well, since we cant go diving or snorkelling and we were not able to go the Phi Phi island due bad waters, ( I wasn't going to take the risk as I had 2 small kids with me), we did
other things such as elephant tracking, massages and we did go to 4 small island for the 4 ISLAND TOUR.

The trip to the 4 local islands was definitely a new experience for us. The speedboat went really fast and the waves were really high. I felt as if I was in a Roller Coaster ride and GOD knows how scared I was. My face was pale and I wanted to throw up! The kids though we enjoying every bit and shouting "YAHOO!" each time the boat hit a high wave.
I pitied the old folks who were on the same boat as us. Im sure some of them cannot take the motion and got Sea sick.

It would be an understatement to say we love Krabi. I mean, we really had a BLAST in Krabi. I listed down 5 of my favourite things and I hope if anyone is reading a review on Krabi, well, really :
Just GO. : )

1. The Thai Seafood there is Fantastic! (So many Halal Food restaurant, so many Muslims)  
2. The Thai Massage at Jane and June was reasonably priced (SGD8.00 for 1 hrs of Thai Massage with Oil)
3. The resort was really nice with Mountain view and a queit pool.
4. The people are friendly, helpful and not pushy when it comes to shop sales unlike in BALI.
5. So many amazing Islands to venture such as Hong Islands and Phi Phi Island.
The resort Pool. Hardly a crowd. Probably cos many of the tourist are out for the island tours. Kids has a blast at the kids pool.

Phu Pi Maan Resort. Muslim Owned and and in the heart of AoNang. There is a shuttle that comes every 5 minutes from 10am to 10pm that will take you out to AoNang food/shopping stretch which is really only about 5-10 mins walk actually.
The Mosque beside the resort. A bit sad as it is really Run-Down but there are still locals who pray Jemaah each waktu.

AoNang Beach...Waves were high and water choppy. We were shocked initially, until we found out that it was the Monsoon season.

Kids swimming at Phu Pi Maan Resort

We love our FISH and Lemon Restaurant is the place to go for dinner at Ao Nang. Reasonable priced. Fresh seafood and friendly staff.

Lemon Restaurant. The staff were so friendly and Muslims. They entertained us and chatted with us throughout our dinner.
Mountain view Suite room in Phu Pi Maan Resort. Consist of 1 Kind size bed and 1 single bed. Good for a family of four. They also  have 1 and 2 bedroom Villas for larger size family/friends.

Outside view of Phu Pi Maan Resort

Went for a 1 hour Elephant Trekking through the forest. After the track,we got to feed Noi The Elephant. A great experience for the kids as the love animals.

Just outside our resort, was Jane and June Massage. We read the reviews before we came to Krabi, so we were glad we found this place.
Great Thai massage for 250baht! Hubby and me has full body massage with OIL. The owner is a husband and wife couple, the ones in this picture. They are so friendly and we had THE BEST Thai Massage there.
My knots on my shoulders were gone after the massage. Something which I could not get rid of for the longest time! For men, you can request for Male masseuse and that what Hubby did. Hubby also agreed that it was the best massage in his whole lifetime! Definitely will re-visit anytime we are in Krabi.

StingRay Dive Masters. Very nice chaps and will sign up for diving trips with them the next time. Reasonable priced compared to the other Dive shop we went to in Ao Nang and good boat and equipments. Hubby went to chit chat with them every day when we were there and not once did they brush us off. Look for Stingray the next time you are are there for Dives and Snorkeling trips.

A picture at TUB island, one of the islands from the 4 island tour. Picturesque and simply breathtaking.

I have so many other pictures but I guess this will do for my review of Krabi. It does not do Krabi justice, so maybe, you can go there yourself to experience what I had experience. Our first visit and Insya'Allah many more to come.


Sbipk said…
Thank you nice article.
your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
Thank again.
Ummi Sha said…
Thank you for the recommendation @Sbipk

But maybe I wont like Phuket since it is quite commercialised like Bali.