Rejab 2012

Rejab has arrived… It’s the start of 3 Holy month……
For the pas few years, I have felt that comes Rejab, the days are  a journey for me to reach Ramadhan and to end Ramadhan in a good way.
Yet sometimes, the kids hinder my journey and I don’t mind at all cos I realized it’s the effort that counts and not the end result.

So, with a happy heart, I have started to stop doing things that take my mind of GOD.
Such as :
-          I am trying to refrain myself from listening to the rock songs on my MP3… (they can be such a stress reliever after a hard day’s work)
-          Watch lesser TV at night and read some Quranic verses instead (have to forgo the Malay dramas that I love to watch especially now that I have TV3 and TV9)

-        -   Eating less and Qadhak my fast when my body feels well.

Ramadhan month is something that I look forward to. Not the fasting but the blessings.. hehe … the fasting brings lots of craving but I know it’s a good thing, to clear the build up toxins in the body like once a year….
The blessings that come each night is really amazing, the terawih prayers, the duas and how each deed is multiplied in points so it would be good to top up on Good deeds. Its like playing a game and entering a stage where the points can be multiplied… good right….!

But I cant say much about Eid….While I love visiting relatives and catching up with my loves ones, my pocket feels the pinch,badly, cos I love to shop and will end up buying unnecessary things… (well now I know reading Dua masuk pasar is really good to read when shopping cos it minimizes wastage – tried and tested. )

And  when its time to order Kueh’s, it can be an excessive wastage…clothes that the kids wear once a year, and things to buy to beautify the home just so its presentable to visitor…..well, that’s our culture…. The good, bad and the Ug-Glee.

I don’t know….Is it just me, all do most wives in my position feel the same?