Tioman Memories...

My body and mind have been Recharged, but today, the heart is suffering from
separation anxiety from the kids after a week of leave from work and spending time with them.

It has been fun feeding them, bathing them, washing after them once again.

We went for our annual holiday last week when the kids and me  tagged along with the hubster who went to Tioman island for his PADI "open water" scuba dive course.
Berjaya Air took us there from Singapore's Budget Terminal all the way to Tioman Airport on a 40 mins flight.
Kids on the snorkelling trip...funny their expression shows that they are scared......but actually not.
We were there for 6 days enjoying the beach, kampung settings, water sports, marine life and freshly cooked seafood! I love these sunset holidays!

I am so in love with the island, The sunsets are beautiful. The sound of the waves still ring in my ears.

I would love to pack my luggage all over again just to swim with the lovely friendly fishes if I could. Unlike Redang, we could roam the small kampung towns in Tioman and not confined only to the resort surroundings.

Alhamdullilah, our annual trip for some snorkeling and diving went well.

Some snippets of the trip

We opted for Tioman instead of Redang this time. It was similar like Laguna Redang but less exclusive island and it was cheaper
to take PADI there.  PADI is short form for some professional diving cert thingy.....

Hubby is now a certified scuba diver after obtaining a cert for OPEN WATER DIVE. *applause* so proud of YOU dear.....Next would be the Advance cert...Insya'Allah.

Staying at Berjaya resort was a good decision. Kids needed a fun and elaborated swimming pool while I needed to feel safe and there was a Dive centre at Berjaya resort THAT WAS credible for a diving course. It was a package together with the air travel of Berjaya Air which is a propeller plane by the way.

It was also fun that we were able to incorporate air and sea together in one holiday.

Kids being active loves such  adventure. They love the experience of travelling on a plane and also a boat which is not everyday mode of transport

On the 4th day of our trip, the kids had their father back as the diving course was over. We booked a snorkeling trip to 3 nearby island. Coral Island and Renggis Island.

The snorkelling trip turned out to be so romantic for me. Hubby held my hands while we snorkeled in the open sea while he pointed different species of fishes to me. And when I saw a beautiful or unusual creature, I would point it to him, using sign language in water and we would explore.
I don't know if he felt it, but I felt that it was so romantic. The moment in the sea together was magical. It was as if, no woman could win his heart after that.. hur hur hur..... ; p

And Subahan'Allah, the sea creatures  which I saw were so beautiful, some coloured, some black and white, big, fat, thin fishes. Marine Life is quiet yet magical.

Hubby even pointed to me a coral that had a mouth the shape of an oyster and it was opening and closing, opening and closing.

I was also taken aback when an adult shark swam under me, but its understood that these are residence shark of the island and they are tame! and It was scary to see 2 tiny black eyes of the sea urchins looking up at the snorkelers. Many Many tiny black eyes on the sea bed by the way. Yikes!! That was at Renggis Island.

Asides from sea creatures, we also saw lots of Monkeys roaming around,(kids called them Abu), and some huge monitor lizards which were common in Tioman.

The food at Tioman island was great and we practically had BBQ food for dinner at a restaurant about 10 mins walk from our resort called Shahira's BBq. It was cheap and we always ended up to a hearty dinner with our transport waiting for us at the end of the meal to take us back to the hotel. The private car to take us to and fro the dinner restaurant cost us RM15 for a 2way trip and we did that each night.

For lunch, it was kampung food, very nice dishes, rice and mix kampung dishes at the warong just outside Berjaya resort. Lunch for a family of 4 normally cost us RM30 each day. Yummy!!!

Breakfast was taken in the hotel because it was included in our booking package. Huge array of breakfast selections from pastries to eggs to sausages to cereals and nasi lemak.

Well, I have put on all the weight back, but it was well worth it cos I REALLY enjoyed the quality time spent with the kids and hubby.

: ))

I could go on and on about this trip...feel like going back again soon......alas reality bites and here I am in the office.... 

Alhamdullilah. Thank you Al Mighty Ya Rahman for blessing us with the rezeki to go on this near but fulfilling  trip.