Look at the better side...

One good point I learnt in the counseling sessions that I went was to COMPARTMENTALIZE.

I have to learn to COMPARTMENTALIZE a problem or someone’s character.

Eg: He made a very big mistake to the family. But He did do his job as a grandfather.

Meaning, I have to learn to forgive and to move on with my life without harping on one issue and to look at the good side of things. It is to put things into compartments.

I am having another small doa selamat at my place this Saturday. Insya'AllahThis time, I really want to read Ratib together with my relatives, instead of Surah Yasin which has already been read two weeks ago.

Mum wants me to invite someone whom was not too happy when I purchased the new home. For mum's sake, I have invited them and they have indicated that they will come....Alhamdullilah, I'm worried but I have to be positive. I have to learn to clean my heart and to have a clean heart, I have to compartmentalize, next thing is to not have negative thoughts.

Not easy but can be done if I swallow my ego and my hurt.

I also wish my dad can come…. Than we would look like a complete unit and It would be good for the kids to see. 
But I doubt that can happen even if I have positive thoughts, some things are just not meant to be anymore.