~ Reflections....

Majelis Rasullulah Flag at the front of the Burdah venue

I attended a Burdah session last sat evening at a friend's place..Masya'allah...the crowd was a small, comfortable one, and I still feel calm and so happy..It felt as if I was sitting in the gardens of paradise....

It has not been a stress-free week though... I have to remain resilient and optimistic.
I am a mother, I am a wife and a daughter. My plate is somehow full for own hands to carry but I can do this.

As I stared at my listed priorities on my notepad on my smart phone, I realised, life here in this world is not easy and everyone has responsibilities.
For me, it's first as a slave to God (he he, I would think so), a wife to my husband, a mother to my 2 small kids, a daughter to my aged mother, a good example to the people around me, a friend to my dear ones and list the goes on and on....

Adik had high fever for the last few nights and Abang was again reprimanded for not behaving in school. I don't deny, Abang has issues...anger management and attention issues. I am finding ways to be true to the people around me and also to be true to my own son who needs me. I take this as my challenges as every Mukmin will have challenges.... if you want to be a Mukmin, than EXPECT to be tested
Don't bluff! if you tell me your life is a bed of roses and your kids are not naughty. Every kids are different and pure. Let's not compare, allright?

I haven't had any good sleep lately cos as night, I was always up sponging Adik or I would be fussing around taking her temperature and ensuring that she wakes up to eat her meds.....The fever was so high. May Allah protect her, really sad to see my girl weak like that. It made me feel so thankful of those time where the kids were very active and I told them to keep it down and would pinch them so that they will just sit still.
Looking at Adik, lying weak on my bed, I felt bad....I am so shallow....I didn't thank God for my active kids. I didn't thank God that their mind was thinking and they were healthy enough to jump around.
I always wanted them to sit still like some kids I see at the mosque. Sometimes when I came home from work and they would be around me,  I wished I could just be alone.....Ya Allah please forgive me for not being grateful enough. *bows head down full of regret*

I learnt a great lesson this weak. That, it was better for my kids to be active, loud and boisterous rather than mild and timid. (Hmm ....did the word BOYS came from Boisterous? LOL! )

Thank you Allah for never giving up on my narrow minded-ness and always giving me the opportunity to learn and reflect.

These are sign.....what ever happen, there is a sign and wise message for us to learn from, its a matter of if we choose to look for the message or not.

Adik is getting better, but still weak due to the medicines. The big "Wedding of the year" is this weekend. My brother in law is getting married and my hubby will be the witness for the solemnization. Important role that is and I cant wait to see how good my hubby looks like in his Jubah.

But with Adik feeling weak, I might have a Koala clinging to me...hee hee.. hope not cos I am also looking forward to mingling with the guest. At times I feel my social life is deprived asides to mingling with my colleagues only. Can someone like me have a social life? Feels abit wrong.

Hmm anyhow, my book Wafiyya's Smile is at chapter 6 and I won't be publishing it anymore on my open Blog. Firstly, the literature is getting too personal. I am not quite sure if Its proper to lay everything on the web like this. Secondly, I need this to be copy write.

Till the next blog entry, I sincerely feel like being a good person, speaking the truth, upholding the TRUTH and REJECTING the wrong. (Amal Maaruf Nahi Mungkar).

And I sincerely apologise if I ever appeared boastful along the way. The best comes from Allah and the worse comes from my own doings. I pray that all would be well.

Taqabballahu Minkum.