Thinking out of the box

The morning cuppa black coffee woke me up from the sleepy condition. Black with little sugar is how I like it when I needed a strong wake-me-up remedy.

It didn’t help that the morning started off with Masy'allah, beautiful sounds of the heavy downpour.

This morning was dragging. I was in a lethargic stupor, due to lack of sleep. The foolish decision to drink coke last night (thanks to dear hubby who bought it from the supermarket) awakened my brains and I wasn’t able to fall asleep till about 2am. Hur hur hur so much for -no soft drink- diet!
Foolish indeed.

It’s after lunch hour now and the caffeine effect might have left the system, leaving me feeling down and silent.
Suddenly I feel sad that there are some people out there who are unhappy when others are happy.

I read this, last weekend, "how can u be happy when all the others are unhappy?"

It saddens me that people can be thinking this shallow and not think out of the box. This is a reminder to me too ok.

I feel, Happiness is a blessing. Blessings come when we seek for it, through gaining Allah's pleasure. We pray, we go to the masjid, we make lottsa dua, we do what is expected as a Mukmin. If we fail, we seek repentance, than we start again.
We try and teach our kids good things, and we try and leave what is haram and we work had to do what Allah wants us to do.
Although we are non to pious, I believe, we are trying our best to practice amal maaruf, nahi munkar.

So, why must I be sad, when Allah has granted me the happiness that I have been praying for?

And who for sure knows that I am happy and not sad inside? I have to be happy for the sake of my kids and hubby. Tak kan nak muram aje kan?

Yes, I always feel sad, when I hear of their problems. I pity them. I pity their kids. I wish I Allah could grant my duas for them. I wish I could do something to help but my help is very limited as the problem is sent to them most probably due to their disobedience to GOD.

Allah helps those who seek help. One can always lament or whine, but one can also do something to change their state and Allah will not change one's state if they don’t put in any effort to change.

So, I really appreciate if people can start thinking out of the box. OK??? Please!

E.g. of instances.  

She seems so happy, going here and there with her kids doing activities. - She has to, for the sake of her kid’s happiness. Kids deserve to be happy

She don’t have time to visit us, so proud! - She must be so busy taking care of her kids and working at the office that she don’t even have her own ‘me’ time

She seems proud - she has lots of things on her mind that she can’t focus and smile at everyone

She doesn’t talk much - again she has lots of things on her mind! Gosh.

She only talks to her hubby or those she knows well - try approaching her first and see how friendly she can u understand the meaning of SHY??

She seems quiet, she doesn’t care to talk to us - she just doesn’t know what to say! So silence is best.