Assalamu'alaikum Cinta....

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Assalamu'alaikum Cinta

Wa'alaikumSalam Rindu

That's how the pair of lovers, Saidatul Nafeesah and Hamkah used to  greet each other. 

I was smitten by the title, 7 PETALA CINTA. 

I requested that the hubby buy the DVD for me and he did.

However, although I was impressed by the settings of the persentrian and the qashidah's they sang, the love story was totally unbelievable and selfish.

1. The lead heroine knew at the last moment that her best friend was in love with her the man whom she was supposed to marry, and still she went ahead with the marriage

2. The Fiance that was thought to be dead came back the last minute before his fiancee was about to niqah with another man, and he still allowed it to happen and walk away, supposedly to sacrifice his deep love for her. 

This might not happen in real like so I felt the story was very unrealistic......

................and the actress who played Helma looked so much like Nora Danish that I thought it was really Nora Danish until I saw the credits and found that Helma was being played by an actress called Diana Amir!

Weird...I cant be the only one who thinks that Helma was Nora Danish right?

Anyway, I am such a romantic at heart.....I hearts my hubby and kids so much....who doesn't right??... I often dream that my life is a love story.....sadly, sometimes when we are married for a number of years, the sparks disappear and a common understanding of YOU LOVE ME I LOVE YOU appears and effort is no longer needed to show the other party that we love them.

I also believe when we love something so much, Allah Subhana Wata'allah will test us us based on what we love most...

a couple of days and weeks ago,  my heart was broken when a fellow muslimah, showed much interest in my hubby... The pain was painful enough to get a glimpse what my mum went through when its probably nothing and will remain nothing with the will of GOD.

My kids too, are a test for me. Abang is a good and sweet boy one moment and a challenge the next. Ive lost many friends because of Abang. Most detest or ensure their kids dont play with him. Some blamed me and hubby for his upbringing. Some get angry at us for Abang's anger. Some look at him in disgust. Some tell me upright that their kids are not like Abang.
What can I say? I am tired of explaining. I am doing my best to ensure my kids become good Muslims.....and I strongly believe that Abang will make me proud some day..Insya'Allah.

Friends come and go, some will be temporary and some stay still Jannah.

To me, what's most important is a friend whom understands and hold my back no matter what other says, gives constructive criticism, bring me back to line if I get out of it, at the same time empathize and will offer a helping hand or a listening ear when needed.

I've lost many friends, including my best friend.....but there are a few who still care for me and what I go through with Abang...a few who offer advise and help and I pray Allah rewards them with much more than what they have done for me.


Hajar said…
Salam sis.

Such a heart-tugging post. Behind all the things that happen to us, surely there is a hikmah. He knows best, and we know less or even next to nothing. Hang in there sis. :)
Ummi Sha said…
Thanks dear sis Hajar,

GOD knows best....thanks for understanding...we need more ppl like tat...