~ Just Treasuring each other

Bonding time together at the Hill Top Bridge

Adik surveying the FIG tree 

The weekend passed by too quickly these days...
I love the ones where we get to spend time together doing fulfilled activities
I love my family and treasure every moment with them....
The kids grow up too fast actually.

This weekend, Adik and Abah joined Ummi on a long 10km hike along the southern ridges.
Even though it wasn't an easy trail, you guys did not complain and accompanied my whims and fancies. 

I also got to bring Abang to a big meal for dinner at Swensons Changi Airport since he gave the trail a missed. Its important I get to spend time with both my kids, equally....

Nothing else matters if the kids are happy in a good way. I also told Dear Hubby how much I treasure him spending time with me. 

I love you guys with all my heart. 
Healing is a process
Letting go of the EGO.
and Just loving....

At the end of the day, its being with who treasure you the most. 


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