~ Exam Season

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Its exam season and I have 2 weeks to prepare the kids well.
Judging from how they have been doing, I can see my children are average children but with creative minds.

Abang has good memory actually, because he can remember many things that I can’t myself, but he seems to always do badly for Maths. This time round, I hope he at least hit a 45/100 and it would be an achievement.
Tuition has only little effects. Many times Abang told me to stop his tuition because I am only wasting money on the tuition fees. I guess Hubby is right. Abang will only start learning and passing when his heart wants too. No point forcing.
Of course, as his Ummi, I cannot NOT force him.

Every Exam season, Ummi gets stressed. Lumrah Kehidupan kan.

Abang takes Higher Malay. I hope he does well for his Malay exams. He seems to have a thing for Peribahasa and is able to do Kefahaman well.

As for Adik, I am starting to be concern. For a student who can do Maths, she seems to slacken this term. Her priority is her IPAD which is so SO wrong. She watches her favourit Horrid Henry and Elfs and Ferries Cartoons.

Both the kiddos are also into YouTube videos from Wah Banana and Jianhao Tan… those sort of comedy. I don’t like it and monitor them closely. I try to be cool like them, but of course, an Ummi can never release the strings of her young kids too soon. An Ummi has got to be an Ummi….

This is another phase in my parenting life. Abang and Adik are growing up fast. So far, thankfully I can keep up. They love me. We are so close.

As for my life now, at times, I still get anxiety attacks. Those memories come and go. I use my tasbih and zikir to calm me down.
Been looking at Pintrest much…for THE NEW HOME….
Anticipating the need for interior ideas..The new home….might be in the 3rd quarter next year. 
This time, I want a Victorian French Classic concept. I don’t think Scandinavian suits us, though I like Scandinavian designs….

We’LL see…as for now, Praying…that the house is sellable and Allah grant us a better Home. Insya’Allah.