~ Healed

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23 October 2016

I met my dad for the first time in 7 years since the day he left Jalan Paras.

For 7 years, I carried the hurt and heart break. And I could never find the will to forget. As a woman, I had to be on Mum’s side.

Today, as if all the pain was carried away by the wind, my heart was light. Its as though I was healed. Masya’Allah.

I buried my head in his hug. I couldn’t say a word. Too lost in emotions.

The kids looked on, so happy Ummi and Dada are in good terms again. (Kids, Im sure you remember this moment kan?

For 7 years, my dad have been meeting the kids at the void deck of my home.
Its time, we reconcile.

The first thing dad said to me was “ You put on weight huh??”
Sure dad...7 years ago, I was much …much slimmer. Hehe…..

We spent about 30 minutes talking, catching up on moments lost while the kids played around us.

We sure have more to say….. hopefully one day, you will have all the kids surround you dad.