~ SA2 Exam fever

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Today the kids will be sitting for the English Paper SA2
Their studying patterns have changed. 
They seems to think that if they have it in them, they can do it...no point spending hours studying...
I wonder if this method works...
After all, every kid is different....
I was never the kind of mother than pushes her kids really hard.

For Abang, I am happy if he passes....I sense Abang is a late-bloomer, just like me.

For Adik, I expect a little more. But I won't push her to be in Band A or a 70 percent and above student...If she does way beyond my expectations, Alhamdullilah, I am thankful.

I want them to enjoy learning and push themselves using their own will. 

I will forever be there to support them in their learning journey if they need me....

Recently, the news of the 11 year old boy who jumped down his flat because his exams results was not to his mother's expectation was indeed tragic. He died. He was only in primary school and had a bright future ahead of him. 
I wonder what he must felt after he found that his marks were not up to his mother's expectations. No kids should go through this. I can't understand his fears.
As for his parents, I have no comments and I cannot understand their loss. It is too huge.  
My condolences to the family. 

I fear such things would happen to my children. I don't want them to be stressed and think of suicide (Nauzubillah)
 I want to make learning fun and not stressful, although I did shout and beat the kids if they lack the concentration while studying. : (

Ummi love you my dear Abang and Adik...I pray both of you will do well, for your own future and for you own life and the family that you will build one day. 

Ummi hope, if one day I am no longer alive, that you both will be able to live a life filled with love and happiness, just like how I have protected you with.

Keep on discovering. Keep on learning.