Life Cycle!

We had the customary YuSheng Toss and Lion Dance show in the office yesterday, 
Its been a yearly affair, something that I always look forward to even though it has nothing to do with my roots or culture, but at least it takes me away from my desk for a few minutes.... No? 
Tee hee....

I've been too tired, lack of sleep and slightly breathless lately.....

Work has been busy,we are shorthanded, Lots of things to plan, and I miss the kids dearly.....

I've been taking the easy way out by sending Abang to my mum on weekends, we win both ways, I get to finish some work and packing and Mum gets her dearest grandson. 
I know this is not good but I am looking forward to the positive changes at our new place. 
Abang will have his own room, Adik will have a reading corner and a balcony and Mum will be so much nearer. 

Insya'Allah may Things get Easier...Amiin.

We are in the month of Rabiu'Awal, lotssa Maulid...Asides from attending maulid at Masjid Aleem Siddique, I got a chance to attend Spa Illahi last week lead by Ustaz Shafi.....
I needed the time alone, zikir-ing, crying, submitting myself to Allah swt. I brought Adik with me and she behaved and slept throughout. Phew.... Thank God!

Masya'Allah, I love Allah swt and Rasullullah saw. I hope, I can enter Jannah and be with Rasullulah saw. I hope I can heightened my spiritual side one day....I am nothing NOTHING today.....I have lots of backlogs and some enemies which I could not avoid. 

Sometimes Dunniya takes precedence without us wanting it... That's just how things works....Our life is like a cycle...One moment, I was alone and free to do Ibadah, the next moment, I am busy with kids and work and family life, maybe when my kids grow up and are independent, I will get a chance to attend my classes again. 

Insya'Allah..... : )