Abang Issues Part 2

Two nights back, I came home looking for Abang after I heard about him pinching and hitting the “well behaved” classmate of his.
I didn’t beat him or scold him, instead, I talk to him Firmly but gently enough telling him that the boy’s mother had complain and was very unhappy.
I discussed many scenarios with Abang and in the end, concluded that Abang should go and apologize to the boy the next day.
My father-in-law in who was there too counseled Abang.

Yesterday, when I came home from work, Abang told him himself that he had said “Sorry” to his friend and guess what, the boy ask him what was the Sorry for?
So Abang said, “I won’t hit you again. Sorry for hitting you.”
And the boy said, “Oh it’s OK”

All was good.

Ha-ha…I had a good laugh. It does show that kids don’t bear grudges over small matter! Kids fight and then, they be friends, unlike us adults.

Well, it’s great that Abang said “Sorry” and the friend didn’t take it to heart.

As with these kids, I also don’t want to hold grudges with anyone, thus I am giving an excuse for my friend whom I was angry at. Habib Munzir advised to give excuses to those who hurt you or look down on you. If the person does it again, than say “I am the most low creature in this earth”
“Akulah manusia yang paling hina di sisi Allah”
 So in this way, we won’t hold grudges on anyone.

So let’s just say my friend really wants to help me discipline my son. Thus her message to me.

So ok, I’m not all good today, there is abit of scare but I want to be stress free…..

I went for some medical examination yesterday, and there might be some negative news although I’m praying it’s nothing.

Going for a blood test soon. I am scared, but knows Allah is with me.

May Allah cure me of any illness…I cant bear to leave my kids without me, although I have to remember that the Sustainer is Allah and HIM alone. I am just a caretaker to them in this world.

*force smile*