Abang Issues...

She commented on Abang again.

Even after I told her off the other time, that I believed in my son and I am praying for my son, that I will never give up on my son and that I wont comment on other people’s kids.

I explained to her before the reasons why I felt Abang was behaving that way, and I am trying my best to discipline him. I also told her before that I have faith that he will become better in time to come. Abang, I sense will be a good person, Insya’Allah.

An Ummi can never lose faith in her kids, no matter what people say.

That episode left a dent in our friendship, yet I still gave in and forget about the matter and allowed her in my life.

Well, she did it again! Messaging me at the hour when I'm so bogged down with work but trying to finish it because I want to go home to the kids. I told her the other time of the wrong timing, yet she watsapps me again yesterday at the same timing.

It made me feel worse, yet this time, I don’t wish to get all affected.
I casually told her I will speak to my son and Thank You for informing.

But worse, this time she was speaking on behalf another mother and her son.

Firstly, she didn’t ask me to ask my son his side of the story first.
Secondly, she mentioned the boy’s mum is particular about good parenting and behavior, like I am not? Like we all are not?
Thirdly, she said she felt bad to tell me, than DON’T! Don’t! I mean if you feel bad, than something is NOT right RIGHT?
She could have told the mum to tell the teachers, than the teachers can access and tell me if its serious.

Im her friend too kan, her old friend lagi…so why??

I didn’t complain to her when I heard her son saying a bad word. But when my son says any bad word, everyone comes complaining. I never tell other parents about their kids behavior, I don’t want to cause any friction and I understand kids.
Kids will be kids, I don’t want to be petty. But of course, each parents must take priority in instilling discipline in their own kids.

I didn’t confront other mums when my son complaint of getting hit by them. In fact, I told my son, that maybe his friend didn’t mean to do it, not on purpose and to tell him nicely to be friends if he does it again.

Last week, when I sent my son for an excursion trip, my son was so well greeted by his schoolmates.

And some mothers told me that their sons always mention my son’s name at home as they are good friends. So it does proof that kids are kids, One moment they fight, the next moment they are friends.

As parents, we cant be too petty. How can we survive or teach our children to survive in this world, if we complaint and bring up such issues?

How can our kids face primary school where they will mix with a more diverse sets of kids if they cant cope with the kids in kindergarten? In fact, Ive been telling Abang that in primary school, their will be boys and girls of other races unlike his mosque kindergarten friends….

Ive been advised to hear in and hear out about this issue, so well I'm ranting cos I just need to let this disappointment out.

Please be humble and don’t act as if you have the best children, we never know who they will be when they  grow up. We can only pray that they are good Muslims. Being humble is and understanding others would be a wiser thing to do.

Seriously, we cant be too confident in this day and age.