Funny how you said you treat me as your best friend, your confidante, your sister and that you care for me yet its always me who have to make the first move in asking how you are and to initiate that chat.

Its funny cos its no longer sad. Its funny cos I've grown pass the petty age yet I just feel its not courteous to treat the people you acknowledge as your best friends yet your are never the one who makes the first move in arranging a chat or meet up session.

Anyway,  girl I wanted to contact you today, than I decided not too.
I thought...hmmm how come its always me to initiate?
I said to myself its OK, since you never bother to ask me how I am, its fine, you need your space, you have other friends and you don't really need me.... 


Ask ourselves, are we such people who wait for our friends to approach us before we ask how they are? 
If the answer is Yes,   pick up the phone, send that email or Use S.M.S or Watapps

A simple "Hi Babe!! How are you ??" 
might light someone's day! 

Its not always about Islam, these acts of courtesy are just Universal.