Innallàha wa malâikatahû yusallûna 'alan-nabiyy, yâ ayyuhalladhîna âmanû sallû alayhi wa sallimû taslîmâ. (Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.) 33:56

Its Friday, Alhamdullilah, 

1 week has nearly passed, 1 more week to go, very little fun moment, just quiet adjusting moments....I know, with my apprehensive distance, I might not have made it easy for you too....

For the first time in my life, I guess I can say that I'm not looking forward to the weekends. How Dramatic! I know.. haha.. I guess. I just don't feel happy going back to where I am now, but I know..., I know you will tell me to be thankful right, OK I know...

O'Allah, I kept asking for forgiveness today for I know, Ive done alot of sins this week....

I've been calling my mum on the way to work telling her how much I miss having my own privacy and how un-comfortable I am at being watched all the time...I am uncomfortable towards people's anger towards my active son. I feel like shouting get me outta here!!

Mum is a shoulder to cry on whilst my lunch buddies spare me some humorous insights to my situations now...How do I not love my lunch buddies?! how can I ever work without them??!! Imah and Kak Ro, you guys keep me sane!! yar seriously!!

I know I have to respect you, I know who you are in my life in terms of Islamic teachings. But do you love me sincerely? I don't think so, so since his heaven is under your feet, I will have to respect and be patient cos my heaven is under his feet, so Allah's happiness to me depends on how happy his happiness to me is, so I hope u understand that my patience is simply to please him in turn to get Allah's love. But Please dont test me cos I dont know how much patience I have in me.

If u don't understand it, its ok, its my own ramblings.. heh! no harm intended.

Reminder: Love.... dont hate... Please....Please be patience for hubby's sake.