The power of Selawats

I had always believed in the power of selawats.
Sending our salaams and salututions to our Prophet Muhammad.

One of the power of selawats which I really believe in is to recite selawats when I lost something.
My mum always tell me, if the thing is there, we will find it when we selawat, and it will be found fast.
This has been proven many times for me personally.
Be it baby bottles to keys to TV controllers and most recently my kids birthcerts!

I have been teaching my helper to selawat if she is finding something, but she stubbornly dont beleive in this and take so long to find something,
and everytime I assist her in the search and I selawat, I will end up finding the thing for her.

The kids have also been taught to selawat when we are searching for things and they being the innocent beings, will happily recite selawats with me.
Its so heartwarming to hear my kids selawats when i am frantically searching for something, somehow, I could feel the love for our prophet.

Yesterday, something interesting happened.
I had misplaced both my kids Birth Certs. Thats huge right, I mean its such an important document.
Normally, it was placed in a particular file, but yesterday when I need to go down to the bank and need their BCs, I could not find it.
Hubby wasn't too happy about it and kept on telling me to find it.
Finally when I had time at night, I told the kids "OK please seat on the bed, dont move and just selawat" while I search our new wardrobe.
So the kids started reciting "Allahhumma Solli Ala Muhammad" repeatedly and loudly faster and faster, so funny and I also keep reciting too and Allah Hu Akbar, I found the BCs in another file which I kept my marriage cert!
Masya'Allah we were barely in the first 5 mins of search and I managed to find it in the pack of files that I had....

Alhamdullilah....I said "Found It!!" and the kids were stunned as they were reciting selawats with all their might..It felt as if a miracle had happened and we all were overjoyed.
Hubby was happy too, and I told my helper "see! proof! Recite selawats and you Will find the thing if its still in the house!" and she looked at me, smiling sheepishly.

So to my dear kids, If one day Ummi is not around, and you are reading my blog, remember Ummi pesan, buat apa pun, selawat dulu. If your missing someting, selawat, Insya'Allah kalau benda itu ada di dalam rumah, akan ditemui dengan pantas.

Yaqin mesti ada. Sayang anak anak Ummi....

: )


Anonymous said…
Salaam sis, enjoy this post of yours, make me smile. Btw, I used to follow your blog until you stopped. Strange that this morning while I was on the way to work I was thinking of your blog and how much I missed reading it. This morning went to the internet to re-read your old post. But surprise, have been blogging! Thank you for allowing me to peek into your life...
Ummi Sha said…
Salaams.... I missed this comment. Masyaallah my life is full of ups n downs... Very real n not at all a Happy Blog.... Hee hee but thnx for this beautiful comment.