I went to nearby Gym for the first time yesterday.

Suka sangat, besar tempat dia, for a Monday evening, it was relatively pack but still there were lots of equipments for me to use freely.

This novice at the gym tried the bicycle, treadmill, stair-climber, abs machine and finally I did the rower. You know, as if I was rowing the dragon boat?

While I tried the treadmill, I could see my kids swimming downstairs while the helper took care of them. Only thing was I didn’t on my MP3 thus, it was a liitle lonely for me.

I burned lottsa calories. Each equipment, had a calorie counter, and I ensured to burn at least 50 calories on each equipment that I tried.
That was good enough for me however the girl beside me on the bicycle cycled so fast she burned 200 calories in one sitting…..
Hur hur….. well, I tried my best and 50 was a good enough.

Ive officially moved. Alhamdullilah…..I want to learn more about this town. My previous place was an old kampong town where lottsa loonies loomed but the people were simple and nice.

Had a good weekend.  Abang went to Genting with mum for a few days and I missed him terribly. I kept praying that he would reach home safely. I missed him so much I cried, much to Hubby’s disagreement. I don’t want to part with him again, but I have to let him have his own independence too…It’s a dilemma especially its my family members who likes to bring him out. I cant say NO to my mum can I?

Well I am happy-sad. I want to be happy, but I don’t wish to be too happy.

I want to be sad, but I don’t wish to be too sad.

I have conversations with Allah all the time…I noticed, I like to talk to GOD silently, cos I don’t agree with a lot of things and HE is the best place we put our rantings too.

I pray for close and good friends who loves me for who I am and not for what I have. For I have nothing but my own Iman and my own Sins.

I want to be humbly confident and not CONFIDENT only or HUMBLE only. I love to see good behaving and smart kids, and I pray that my kids will be that way.

Life is a journey, each step has its obstacles. You and I, we lead different lives and each of us has unique challenges. Sometimes, we can relate, sometimes we cant.

Till then, I await my blood test with full faith. I want to live long for the kids.

Ya Allah, Please allow me good and healthy years to bring up my kids in a safe environment and after that, I pray you allow me good and healthy years to spend my life devoting to you and submitting to you while watching the kids living happily with their own family.