Temperamental Tantrum 3 ...

It pains me to see Adik entering the Temperamental Tantrum 3 phase.

She was never in the Terrible 2 phase in the first place.

Adik whom I dub the easiest baby to care for, has since turned very difficult, clingy and temperamental.
She trows a mean tantrum, WANTS what she wants and wont take NO for an answer.
She does things the way she wants it, and if any thing is not as she wants it, she wants the whole process  to be repeated from the start. 
Its scary sometimes, it feels as she is not who she is. Its almost does not feel or seems Normal.

I feel so helpless at times, especially when we are outside, I try to remain patient until my whole body shakes.

Abang was more naughty than temperamental but at least Abang was scared of the cane.
Adik, on the other hand would get a few smacks on her bum, and she would still continue her fits.

Ya Rabb....This stage is really testing. 

I read on the internet, that this phase is normal for 3 year old. This will grow out in the next growth spurt.
When is that? I dont know....I can only hope and pray. 


KakSri said…
Insya'Allah Ummi,this is a trying phase for herself as well as for you but manageable for you ok.Emotional management is yet to mature in her,I guess that is the only way how she knows best to express herself.May Allah preserve your patience and ease you to cope with her phase amin.Hang in there ok Ummi..it will soon pass insya'Allah.
Ummi Sha said…
Thanks Kak,

Im trying to be positive, ada kali our kids tak mintak to behave this way, its just like u said, they are not mature enough to handle their emotions.

Thanks sis...: )