Being Happy for others

Going through each day,
Trying to think good, feel good, thankful,
I guess that’s how I go through my life now
I want to cleanse my heart. I am trying.

Evidently, from the looks on their faces, I guess as much that sometimes, they can't stand my presence. That force smile, that observation from afar, the reluctance to salams….
Sometimes I wonder who are we trying to please in this world?

I am so sorry, that my patience and smiling face irks them. But seriously what can I do? I want to be patient. This world is a place where alot of patience is needed.

Thankfully, I have a lot of love ones who likes to meet and talk to me, if a day comes that no ones is here for me, I pray that I am happy as I want to have complete reliance on God and only GOD.

A good news is a blessing,
A bad news is sad news, which we must learn from…..
There is too much hatred and jealously these days , too much negative thinking and too much bad thinking and no one is actually being grateful to our creator.
It is said if we make prayers for the

Heard some good news from my love ones, Alhamdullilah, they must be doing something right, perhaps, their patience in their life’s challenges and their focus in their responsibilities, not to mention those sacrifices.

When will be my turn to have such jubilant news? Not that I am waiting for anything big, but maybe a promotion, maybe hubby’s promotion. Just recognition from our bosses, as we are giving our best efforts. Maybe kids doing well in school, maybe Abang mastering reading, maybe when the people I love return back to the right path, those sort of things, nothing big but Big enough for me…