Went to visit my Arwah Nadia’s family last night. Alhamdullilah, it was a good visit and I had closure.
Her house was close to mine, and within a short drive, hubby, Adik and me arrived. We went up and was greeted by her family members, they were Arabs and there was some familiar faces.

Food was served, and while hubby sat with the men in the next flat, I sat at the main hall feeling Adik bread and curry chicken. Over at the men’s side, I could see Nadia’s brother. He looked tired and worn. He eyes tells me her cried so much. My heart goes out to them

Shortly after, my friend’s sister Diyana, came out of the room. We hugged, kiss each other’s cheeks and I tried my best to control the tears. She looked calm, and sweet, so I didn’t want to spoil that.
We chatted, she told me the whole story, how it all happened, it was as the original story of a bad asthma attack after she had some waffles at the Singapore Post Building. She wasn’t even suppose to go work that day but she went as she had to oversee some rehearsals.

Death can hit us, anytime anywhere WHEN its time. Malays has a term for it. ‘AJAL’. Not sure if this is an Arab word though.

I was glad to know that my friend had a close knit family and her mother will be taking care of her two small kids. Her daughter who just turned 1 years old, is still not so aware but her brother, a cute 3 year old nursery student has been waking up at night crying.

I pray for them, to be strong and to move on with much happiness. Nadia is in a safe place, insya’allah….those who know her will testify to that and more.

As for us, lots of challenges ahead, but what think I learnt from this whole episode is to live the today as if I will die tomorrow. I once read a quote that the wise, will think about death. And Those who remember Death and the Hereafter will cry more and laugh less.

Weird, but true.