Dear D,

Dear D,

There are days where I still wish you could be with us.

I have learnt to forgave, to not live in the past,

but I do not know how to accept her yet.


I remember your kampung stories, your travelling stories of sailing the high seas, and how you worked your way up to be who you are when you raised us.

Tears just drop when I think of the good times. Sadness in the heart, the heart feels the thud.

Deep Breath, inhale, acceptance to what Allah has bestowed on on our fate. Some days, I pretend that you are dead.

Memories of the younger days,  when I was young and you would bring us to Melacca and around Malaysia.

Bitter sweet memories, That is all I am taking with me....

I wish you well daddy, I pray that you will be happy, But above all this, I wish for God's forgiveness and Mercy to you.

P/S : Thank you for 24 years of raising me up. Along the way, we did have happy times.