Her sadness

The Creator and Sustainer

I do not know how to explain the feeling that I have right now,

I am disgusted by the hypocrites around me, but I know I shall not hate them for no one is worse but myself

I am saddened by the troubled, especially a woman nearing her 60s, always confiding in me till she is having suicidal thoughts,

but I have no control over her life unless I want to invite problems into my own life.

I realised, despite being happy, and thankfully blessed with a peaceful home, there are many people and homes that are unhappy and cruel.

A child shouting and scolding a mum is cruel.

A child just snatching a mum's ATM card and taking her money without her consent is cruel.

A mother's lack of control over her kids actions just because she is old and alone is heart wrenching.

Sadly, I do not have the will power to stop all this. Only Allah has.

I realised, the only way I can help these saddened people is by always making good doas for them, after my solah or as and when I think of them.

A woman's heart, so broken, slash many times by her insecurities and sadness, living her life unknown of the future, is daunting and depressing.

The only hope, I hope is she turns to Allah.

He is our creator and He is our Sustainer. Only He gives the problems and Only He can solve the problems.

All these experience that I see around me, makes me realise that life can be tough but when the going is tough, the only way is to turn to Allah.

Sad indeed how children can treat their own mothers badly without any feelings of guilt.

In such cases, I wonder whose to blame?

Allah kulli Hal....