Let's be Good...

Masya'allah, super nice weekend.

Thank you hubby, you brought me to 3 Maulids over the weekend !!

All with the will of Allah, All with the invitation of Allah, All because of the power of Intentions.

Friday night, was Majlis Rasullulah at Masjid Abdul Razak, bestnya, with flags flown high, selawats and Ustaz Hasan's doa was so powerful. I met some friends there and my sis-in-law juga ada, so we had fun with the kids. Awe-some!

On Saturday night, hubby brought us at a Maulid along Jalan Yasin lead by Ustaz Iqbal. The maulid and ceramah was awesome. Ustaz reminded us to have tawaduk as no one will be jealous of this nikmat tawadhuk and also just be simple nice and not to hold grudges on people when we sleep at night.
I felt so happy seeing Abang eating briyani satu hidang with his Abah and Abah's friends which included Ustaz Anwar and Uncle Jalil. Abang macam dah besar gitu. We did managed to sneek into the men's side to pass Abang some ice cream and air kathira and Abang smiled from ear to ear.

Sunday. we went to maulid at Ustaz Salleh's place at Eunos, met one of my lookalike and sweet cousin Rehana, and ate briyani again... alhamdullilah,  tapi badan dah gemok ni....hehe....

ALHAMDULLILAH, syukur sangat, simple pleasures make my day.... I guess its when my kids are happy, I am happy too. This is common for all mothers kan.

Happy Happy weekend, but was saddened by some sad news. The rain made it worse, its as if, there was sadness in the air and all things went sad, even the sky.

A friend, ( such a sweet lady )well actually Im closer to her sister, is in ICU, due to bad asthma. At first, I was sad, as I've know her from a wives makeover we attended together once, but than i found out that she is actually brain dead and on life support and I cried and cried....Brain dead?? Ya Allah....... : ((
It started from a bad asthma attack. ( Now u see, asthma is NO JOKE)

Her family and friends are shaken, well so am I......tears just drop as I thought of her, so sweet.
Ya'Allah, sedih nya.. Her kids are still small and young, a boy and a girl just like mine.

Life is short, lets not hate. Lets be good... Ya Allah, You know best why this happened. Ya Allah, Please protect us from the hell-fire. Amiin.