Life is fine, occasional ups and downs, happy sad moments but mostly if my family is happy than I am as well….

I haven’t got over Port Dickson…. You may not understand… the day before I left for the trip, my brains were squeezed and hit left right and centre in the office with emails pouring down on me and people chasing me to do this and that…….

So the trip to Port Dickson the next day was such a good break for me…I am now back to the office fresh and ready to face those emails again.. ho ho.


We decided to bring the kids for a short get-away for the June holidays since they were bored at home…Abang and Adik were either at our home or my inlaws where they see their perternal grandparents, aunties and uncles…there isn’t much to do there anyway accept for cartoon network or Tok’s I phone games.

The initial plan was to walk around Melacca town and eat at their many restaurants. But we felt that the kids will not like walking around and only I would be interested in eating those fattening and sweet Melaka desserts. We thus thought about Port Dickson since we have never set foot there.

Seriously, I am all for a road trip where we can take a scenic drive up to Malaysia and kids and lie down at the back with their pillows. I was even hoping to take turns in driving along the North East highway but seems that with all the big trucks driving by, hubby ignored my request to pull over and swop drivers (eventhough he was sleepy)….

I was also looking forward to eating at A&W which was at the Ayer Keroh Bridge but somehow, hubby missed the entrance and we drove by sad and hungry….. sob sob.

We had pre booked the room from Agoda.com.
We decided to book at Avillion Port Dickson as opposed to Grand Lexus (which has individual pools in the rooms) because

1.      The rates were a tad cheaper for a weekend stay (169 per room per night)

2.       The water chalet looked more natural with wooded flooring and rough interior just like kampong houses.

3.       We were recommended by our cousin to try out years ago but have not done so since.

4.       The bed looked more majestic with poles..wuhoo…

5.       There was a day bed for the kids (good for parent child separation)

6.       There was a pet farm which the kids can go in to play with rabbits, chickens, turtles and peacocks on the loose. (kids loves this as they are quite deprived to farm animals in Singapore)


Sitting by Balcony of the water chalet

Turns out, the decision proved to be a very good one….no regrets in staying at Avillion….Alhamdullilah!!

The swimming pool was entertaining for the kids with a fast water slide and huge swiiming aread. There were 4 small Jacuzzi aread by the side. There were 2 separate pool and one was strictly for Adults...Hubby and me took turns to swim in that one cos it was more exclusive.

The breakfast served at the restaurant was vast with the whole works of nasi lemak, roti prata, sambal, breads, cerials, eggs, yogurts and juices. Don’t come too late or there will not be space thus will be sent to another area on level one which is not next to the pool.

The pet farm and morning feed to the animals were a hit to the kids. Abang loves feeding the rabbits and even squeezed a chick…poor chick must have gotten sore muscles after that.

The interior was so natural as if you are in a spa with lots of exoctic trees all around
The staffs were friendly and helpful which is a plus point cos guests get to feel pampered.

The restaurants around the quiet cowboy town of Port Dickson were not bad…Lots of seafood restaurants and lots of shops selling souveniers and swimming accessories.

For both dinners, our hearts chose Hidayah Seafood. We drove along the roads of PD looking for a suitable restaurant and somehow I kept telling hubby to try Hidayah Seafood.  We went to Hidayah Seafood which not only served nice food but cheap cheap as well….
The crowd will also come in at around 8 pm, but we like to go there early ard 6.45 pm. 
A whole seafood menu cos us only about 50RM. We had ikan siakap steam, Tom yam seafood, ayam goring kunyit, Kailan ikan asin and Udang goring tepung plus nasi goring kampong with 4 cups of hot ice-lemon tea. Cool right???

Hidayah Tomyam Restaurant for dinner

For lunch, we tried Secret Resipe on the 1st day which was a total disaster as the food was not tasty at all and we paid RM80 for that meal. No choice, as we had missed Ayer Keroh and were all so hungry so no time to look around for places to eat.

One the 2nd and 3rd day, we were smarter to explore. No more western food. We wanted local food. There was a restaurant name Ijaz Corner which was my hubby’s name as well so we decided to try there. The owners were Indian Muslim but a mixtures of locals ate there. The food was not only so tasty, there were so many dishes that we can scoop by ourselves, and the people there were nice…..So thumbs up for Ijaz restaurant selling Indian and malay food with rice.
We paid only RM30 for 4 plates of rice with mix dishes and drinks…..
They also sold food like roti prata and mee goreng so wide choices.

nice food for lunch

That is why I love travelling to Malaysia…its good and inexpensive halal food are aplenty and the sights are rustic and calming….

The beach was all around us but don’t expect clear waters like Redang or Tioman…. The beach was milky but its still nice to just sit and stare into the abyss….
Lots of water sports activity nearby our resort….Of cos, Hubby made us take the Banana boat which I felt we were overcharged!! But hubby felt its ok for the kids experience, paying RM100  for the 4 of us to be on a boat ride were hmmmm justified?

The view from our water chalet was also calming and sitting at the lounge chairs made me feel very relax from my daily work routine. I seriously didn’t feel the stress that I had felt before the trip.

I even prayed on the balcony one night with the waves crashing hard due to high tide below me. I was praying for my mum’s health in the quiet stillness of the dark sky top with calming sounds of the waves was a whole new experience in being close to Allah…. Alhamdullilah…..

At the look out point along the resort gardens

I would love to go back there again...I am so in love with the Avillion Water Chalets that I kept checking the availability and rates at Agoda.com.

Haha..talk about separation anxiety……


Hajar said…
Subhan'Allah! I was in PD recently with a friend! We just went for a quick spin to the ostrich farm. Saw several SG cars parked outside, guess that's how I know schools' out. :)
Ummi Sha said…
Subhan'Allah, I did think of you when I was there...omg Telepathy? I missed the ostrict farm although I went to Lexis to check it out....the Ostrich Farm is near Glory Beach resort kan...

hehe..so near yet so far.
KakSri said…
Salam Shahnaz!I truly truly enjoyed reading this post tau.Must tell my laokong about this place.We went to Lexis last year but before change of management,it was Legend then.I love the petting farm you mentioned here.My kids would love that one.Thanks for sharing from hotel to food.May you n family have more wonderful vacations to come!Take care!
Ummi Sha said…
Salaams kak,

yes yes pls share with yr lao gong abt Avillion and the pet farm very nice one ...swimming pool also.. hehe.... if can find 3days2nights, just nice for a road trip..

hugs hugs... thanks.