Usually when I talk to my son, I expect him to look at me….If he answer me without looking at me, or seems not interested and after several times of getting any eye contact, I will say

“Abang Look at me, I'm talking to you!”

So there was one day, when we were in the car, I was sitting at the back with the kids but my mind was somewhere else.
Adik was talking to me, and I was just answering her casually without giving much attention. My eyes were looking out of the window.....

Suddenly Adik little hands grabbed my face, turned it to her and she said

“ Ummi, look at me, I’m talking to you!” 

.....her expression in all seriousness

I was speechless, …a 3 year old girl can absorbed so well… in fact, kids can really absorb fast and even follow our style…..

so really, parents have to watch what they say in front of the kids…..

: )