Abang is 6!

Little Habib when he was 2 years old

I found this old picture of Abang on his 2 years old birthday celebration at our first flat in Chai Chee...Masya'Allah.. today my Abang is 6 years old.....!!

Alhamdullilah, Thank you Allah for blessing me with such an adorable and entertaining son, although there have been much challenges along the way, his smile and lovingness to me and my family surpasses the heartache and worries.... You are our Ladoo, our Busyuk and our Entertainer.

Son, if you ever read Ummi's blog, take note that you have a special place in my heart. 

Don't forget your prayers, even if you are busy, Always have Allah and Rasullulah in your heart. 

Before doing anything, start with BismillahiRahmanniRahim and Selawat to the seal of all Prophets, Muhammad S.A.W

Always be humble and thankful for all the blessings.(remember our deal to thank Allah for 3 things before we go to sleep at night? best kan....)

Be kind, loving and helpful to the weak, to the woman folks and to everyone in need.

Share your wealth

Protect your sister, be her best friend and take care of her.

Respect your elders.

Work for what you want, remember, you were not born with a silver spoon. Things in Singapore might get harder, working smart is important. 

Find Ilmu till your last breath... Read...Dive...Explore.

Never give up in your aspirations to be a Pilot.

Make lots of Dua, even when you are not on sajadah. 

Even if I am not near you, you can always count on me to be there when you need me sayang anak Ummi.

I love you sayang. No matter what, I will be there for you. 

Amiin Amiin Amiin Ya rabbal Alamin. 


KakSri said…
Happy Belated Birthday Abg Sayangg!Alhamdulillah for being 6 and more!May you grow to be those that Ummi mentioned amin!Hugssss.
Ummi Sha said…
: ))